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Adoption Agreement

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Adoption Agreement
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Adoption Agreement

The following is an adoption agreement between Amanda Wilhite and __________________________________ (Buyers Name, refered to in this agreement as Adopter), in regards to rat/s purchased and listed on this document (referred to as Rat/s). This is a legal document and all terms will be met by adopter.
Rat/s adopted from Amanda Wilhite will be adopted as a pet. Said Rat/s will NOT be used for food or experiments. Said rats will remain with Adopter only. They will not be sold or given away unless agreed upon by Amanda Wilhite in writing.
Breeding of Rat/s
Permissable________________  Breeding Contract
NOT Permissable____________________Non Breeding Contract.
If the need ever arises that the adopter can no longer keep the Rat/s they must be returned to Amanda Wilhite unless other arrangements are made in writing with Amanda Wilhite.

The adopter agrees to give proper care to Rat/s, proper food, bedding, attention, and professional health care when the need arises. If the adopter is not able to do any of this Amanda Wilhite reserves the right to confiscate these rat/s adopted by the adopter.
If this is a breeding contract, said rat/s will not be bred for food, offspring will not be sold to laboratories or to Pet Stores.
Adopters Signature________________________________________
Adopters Address__________________________________________
Adopters Phone Number___________________________________________
Adopters Email_____________________________________________

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